Neel Padmanabhan

Neel is GM India & Head of Global Operations. Before that, Neel was with SAP Labs for over 15 years, and subsequently at EVA (startup accelerator), where he was involved in mentoring start-ups, and establishing & commercializing new business offerings and supporting business operations.

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7 ways to improve customer experience through digital transformation

This is a list of digital transformation projects that will help you improve the customer experience, instead of simply automating an existing manual process.

Six ways to reduce wait times in hospitals

A hospital is probably not the best place to wait. Implement these six ways to reduce wait times in hospitals, and make your healthcare process more efficient and patient-friendly.

What's next in Bank customer experience

Timeline and history of modern banking and the transformation to digital banking. What’s next in the bank customer experience? What is going to happen to banks and banking in 2020 and beyond?

Six queue management techniques to streamline customer flow

Implement these six queue management techniques to streamline customer flow. Some require process change, while others are about digitizing your existing processes.

Improve government transparency through visitor identification software

Five key steps that will improve government transparency by collecting and analyzing customer data and feedback.

Banking jobs made easy with customer experience management

The old fashioned way of banking is to know your customers, greet them when they come to the bank, and you already know what they are there for. The question is, how do you scale this in digital banking, and provide the same personalized experience for every single customer across every branch in your network?

Reducing DMV wait times with queue management and digital transformation

Full list of DMV wait times for all 50 states, and actionable steps to reduce wait times using queue management and digital transformation.

Queue solution for your VIP customers

The thing about VIPs is that they happen to be very important to your business. You can't afford to provide them with anything less than a perfect customer experience. One of the things to keep in mind, when it comes to VIP customers

Top 10 virtual queue management benefits

A virtual queue management system implementation triggers efficiencies and a cascade of benefits across every facet of your organization. Here’s a list of the top 10 benefits

Top 25 core banking software companies and systems

This is a compilation of all the major core banking software providers we have on our list. Some we work with already, and we’d definitely like to work with lots more of these fintech providers.

Basics of queuing theory applied to calculate average waiting time

Explanation of queuing theory, along with the characteristics, math and formulas to calculate the average waiting time your customers face

How to Implement a Queue Management System

This is a case study of a VirtuaQ client who has implemented our BFSI queue management system. The client is a global commercial and retail banking institution, with over 4,000 retail branches across 36 countries.