What is an SMS token system?

Pre-booking appointments by phone or through a virtual queue management system (QMS) ensures that branch staff are ready with everything they need. It helps to reduce waiting times for customers, and improves customer service levels.

Customers can join your virtual queues via mobile apps, an SMS token system, or the usual in-branch token display system that includes a paper token dispenser.

sms token system

SMS ticket

What is an SMS token system, and how does it work? Your customer, who wants to get in line, sends an SMS to a number provided by your organization with a specific string, indicating the service and branch preferred.

The queue management system will then send an SMS ticket confirming that your customer has joined the queue, providing a queue number and also a token number. Additional SMS messages can also sent by the system based on the configuration and settings, to provide updates on position in queue when the customer is about to be serviced.

The interface for your in-branch kiosk or virtual QMS is wholly customizable. You can have as many menu options and designs as you prefer. Your guests will receive an SMS notification from the queue system when they are close to the front of the line. This will ensure they can arrive at the branch just in time, when their token number is about to be called.