Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for VirtuaQ?

Go to and we'll get you started.

How to install VirtuaQ—do I need a developer?

No, you don't need a developer. Once you sign up, our team will instantly contact you and get you on board. We will help set up your system in the cloud after going through your business flow. However, if you want a local installation, you may need to avail of the services of a trained person.

Does VirtuaQ work anywhere in the world?

Yes, it does, so long as one has stable internet connectivity and local regulations on communications allow for it, in any location.

Do you need a consultant to configure VirtuaQ?

No, you don't need a consultant to configure VirtuaQ. You can learn from trainers or our partners will help you with the configuration.

Is there any training and certification available for VirtuaQ users?

No certification is required to use VirtuaQ. We offer training and certification on product use, implementation, and configuration.

Can I send customers updates about their status in the queue using SMS?

VirtuaQ can send SMS confirmations and updates to people who have requested a queue ticket, if you have captured the mobile numbers.

How do I contact you? There's no phone number, email, or contact page.

We believe the internet is the most efficient and fastest way to reach us. Use the contact form on our website. Enter your name, number, and service requested. We'll call you back instantly.

I still have an issue that you haven't answered—how do I get in touch with support?

Contact VirtuaQ support online, Enter your name and number, and our colleagues will call you back to respond. Another option is to use our service portal, , and create a support ticket stating your problem. We'll take care of it.

Do you support service queues, where a customer can queue for 2-3 services at the same time?

Yes, but customers can be served at one counter at a time, then they can move to another queue.

Does VirtuaQ integrate with other existing systems and solutions?

VirtuaQ is an HTML5-based system, and our open API can be integrated with all your existing systems: CRM, core banking, health information systems, digital signage players, DSP routers, media servers, and more.

Do you support themes for UI? Easy changes to the user interface to include corporate color, logo, fonts, etc.

Yes, VirtuaQ supports themes with corporate colors.