Hospital queue management system

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hospital queue management system

Digital transformation of healthcare

Digital transformation of healthcare is the digitization of one or more components of the entire patient journey, from finding a doctor to setting an appointment, submitting documents, the actual checkup, and then scheduling of followups and tests. How do make this work? Read more...

Smart queue management

Improve patient experience

Effortless integration

Unlock potential for growth

Centralized branch management

Operational efficiency and reporting

Improve patient experience

VirtuaQ’s patient experience management solution identifies patients and ensures high quality personalized care right from the initial appointment. VirtuaQ enables patients to join queues remotely, from anywhere. Follow-up appointments are automatically scheduled, reducing wait times as well as directing patients to their appropriate healthcare professional.

Unlock potential for growth

VirtuaQ’s hospital queue management system will unlock untapped potential - from data you haven’t collected before or made use of. Virtual appointment scheduling lets you identify and segment customers before they arrive, and personalize the patient experience. VirtuaQ enables your care providers to offer flawless and highly personalized service, including discrete VIP and priority queuing. Smooth patient flow helps you serve more patients faster.

Operational efficiency and reporting

Your own dashboard with real-time tracking of service levels at each clinic helps improve operational efficiency. Accurately measure and manage patient flow through heat-maps of waiting times, and patients seen per care provider for specific clinics and queues.

Set service-level alerts specific to your list of most-valued patients, such as their arrival time at a clinic, and the waiting time while they are being served. Get special reports with data about just your priority patients.

VirtuaQ integrates with your Hospital Information System

VirtuaQ’s web service API integrates fully with any existing hospital information system software and infrastructure. Our system supports issue of tokens from touch kiosks, SMS, voice call, mobile app and websites. HTML5 based system requires no proprietary hardware to operate and manage.

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