How to reduce waiting time

reduce waiting time

Your customers don’t like waiting. Reducing perceived and actual waiting times instantly improves your customer experience. The fastest way to do this is to make use of a queue management system that removes the need for customers to physically queue up at your branch locations. How to reduce waiting time for customers using a queue system?

1.  Queue from anywhere.

Allow your customers to queue remotely from anywhere, on any device, so they only have to arrive just in time for their appointment.

2.  Virtual appointment scheduling.

Virtual appointment scheduling lets you identify and segment customers before they arrive. Send them updates about what documents or preparation they need to do before they come for the meeting. Help your staff process each customer's transaction faster and more efficiently.

3.  Multi-service queues.

Your managers can monitor and dynamically allocate staff / services to multiple service queues. So staff can attend to customers who have different needs without having to switch counters.

4. Alternative branch recommendations.

A smart queue management system can reduce waiting time by ntelligently recommending alternative branches based on the customer’s location and the number of people ahead of them in the queue at each branch.

5.  Omnichannel support.

Allow your customers to get in line using the digital channel of their choice. They should be able to schedule an appointment by email, social media, mobile app, a website form, whatsapp, or any other digital channel they prefer.

6.  Inbound SMS queuing.

Customer sends an SMS that includes parameters such as service required and date. You have to provide them with the SMS number and the format required.

7.  Outbound SMS.

In response to the customer's request for an appointment, the system generates an SMS token as a confirmation and the appointment time, plus further updates about status.

8.  Automatic VIP prioritization.

You cannot keep high-value customers and VIPs waiting in line. Using a queue system, you can move these special customers ahead in the line, without letting others know about it. Managers can not only reduce waiting time, but also respond to service level breach alerts that are set for specifc VIP customers.