List of top 10 performance management systems

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The days when you kept a file in a cabinet for each employee, or even a digital folder, are now out of date. It's now the age of performance management systems, which allow managers to make informed decisions when trying to raise the bar on employee performance.

If you're looking for performance appraisal software, which one should you opt for, and what are the features to look for? This is a list of the top 10 performance management systems that offer some or all desired features such as 360-degree feedback, automated reminders, and job descriptions or each employee's KRAs (key result areas) and goals. Also look for performance review and improvement features such as peer reviews, coaching, continuous feedback, 1:1 meetings, etc.

1. Zoho People

360-degree continuous feedback system for evaluating employees with customized performance appraisal methods.
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2. AssessTeam

Cloud based employee performance management & productivity analysis software that has everything you need to assess, analyze and improve team performance.
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3. PocketHRMS

Intelligent performance management solution with options like 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees, and 540 degree feedback system that ensures unbiased rewards.
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4. Mercer Mettl

360 degree appraisal and feedback process with effortless administration, automated reminders, and the ability to customize everything from questions to competencies to reports.
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5. Appraisal 360

Fast and simple online 360-degree feedback system, with off the shelf and customizable questionnaires, branding option, analysis tools, and managed solutions where they handle the project for you.
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6. Spidergap

Employee-friendly 360 tool to create and run assessments that help your employees to take action on personal development. Free trial option available.
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7. Impraise

All-in-one performance management system, offering features such as real-time feedback, reviews, check-ins, 1:1 meetings, goals and OKRs, and pulse surveys.
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8. Keka

Features include 360-degree reviews from managers, peers or customers, with continuous feedback to make an impact upon employees when most needed. Goal management aligns individual and team goals with that of the organization.
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9. Saba

360-degree feedback, agile performance reviews, goal management, 1:1 meetings and check-ins, and employee feedback and coaching.
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10. Performance Pro

Real-time feedback tools, multi-rater, and 360 review check-in reminders and notifications, and pay for performance to motivate and engage employees and help them achieve their goals.
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By Neel Padmanabhan

July 6th, 2020 ·

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