Bank branch transformation solution

Use our APIs for engaging customers without letting technology and platforms get in the way.

✅ Digital queue management
✅ Customer identification
✅ Branch performance reports

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Bank branch transformation

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Digitalize social distancing queues

Digitalize social distancing queues

The need for Covid-19 safety compliance means only a limited number of people are being allowed inside bank branches at a time.

This has caused queues outside and within bank branches. Instead of forcing your customers to stand in long queues, allow them to simply scan a QR code and wait nearby until they get a status update about their position in the queue.

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Why implement branch transformation with banking APIs

Engagements between one customer talking to a different staff member every time he contacts you on your website, social, email, phone, branch visits, etc. can be confusing for customers, chaotic for your staff, and expensive for you.

VirtuaQ banking APIs are implemented as omnichannel bank branch transformation solutions, seamlessly picking up and continuing the conversation across channels.

This is Frank. He uses many channels for Banking.

Frank uses omnichannel

Frank logs into online banking on his laptop on the way to work, to access his account and look for a mortgage or loan product. He’ll then settle in when he arrives at the office with a coffee and his iPad. He looks over the latest articles in Linkedin, online magazines, and Facebook.

For the remainder of his day, Frank alternates between his desktop and mobile phone anytime he needs to access his accounts and fill up the loan application. He may schedule a meeting at the nearest bank branch to continue the conversation with a financial advisor, who provides Frank with additional requirements to complete his application.

The thing is that Frank’s banking across channels throughout the day adds up into a single customer journey.

An omnichannel banking solution that enables this brand experience is the key to your branch transformation strategy, and this is what we do for you.

Over 2,000,000 customers serviced


47% Reduction in ‘no-shows’ through customer identification.


63% Report a “significant increase” in customer satisfaction.


72% Reduction in branch real-estate by reducing customer wait times.

Many Trips. One Customer Journey.

VirtuaQ helps you get your customers to where they’re going, no matter what path they choose. The digital brain behind how we make this work takes the customers engagement data, and shares it with every channel in your brand eco-system. This means that no matter where your customer is on this journey, your channel recognises them, their intent, and what they need from you at that point in the journey.

What Lucep’s Digital Brain Can Do
“An Omnichannel Solution”

360° Brand Experience

Provide an omnichannel brand experience by sharing user journey data across all channels – mobile apps, websites, social media, SMS, email, in-branch or even over the phone. An informed conversation that continues seamlessly across channels delights your customers, and builds an unforgettable relationship.

Branch Transformation Strategy

In today’s competitive business environment, the onus is on every branch to keep costs low. Use Lucep OmniPath as the core of your branch transformation strategy, with the omnichannel solution driving JIT customer arrival and service at your branches, which reduces the amount of floor space required.

100% Personalized Customer Service

Every aspect of the personalized customer experience looks and feels exactly the way your customers want it to be. Customize each screen, set local languages, create flexible menus and more.

Know Your Customers

Knowing where your customer are, and global customer identification, gives you the power to make intelligent recommendations. Small differences with a big impact include alternative branch recommendations and automatic delay of queue tickets.

Omnichannel Marketing

Reach out to your customers where they are, follow them across channels and continue the conversation. Identify lost business by knowing when and where a customer almost completed a transaction. Better yet, stop them even before they turn away with pre-emptive offers and incentives to stay.

Branch SLA Monitoring

Use multi-service queues to dynamically switch counters and staff from one service to another, as needed. Set SLA breach alerts to let your supervisors and branch managers know when the customer service level dips, so they can step in and allocate resources as needed.

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