Line app for digitization of customer queues

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A Line app is a digital tool that allows businesses to let their customers queue virtually before or after they arrive, instead of having to wait in line at the business premises.

Business benefits of using a Line app

Business benefits of using a Line app

1. Increase revenue by reducing no-shows and walkaways.

2. Reduce real estate costs by eliminating the need for large waiting spaces, or…

3. Serve more customers faster by repurposing waiting space into more counters and staff.

4. Improved NPS and other customer experience metrics.

5. Data on staff and branch productivity.

6. Social distancing.

7. Know your customer for personalized customer service, service, contact tracing and benefits.

Customers may be able to get a queue token number online, through the business website or a smartphone app.

It can also be done via Whatsapp, SMS on phone, or in-person after coming to the branch with a paper token or a QR-code scan.

Line app case studies



The Challenge: Branch transformation challenges to convert traditional analog branches into a network of digitally enabled branches.

The Solution: The client had decided to invest a rather large sum of $1 billion for the branch transformation process.

VirtuaQ’s omnichannel banking solution was rolled out to the first wave of digital branches, and is in the process of being deployed in the bank's central data center. Learn more...



The Challenge: The hospitality industry has been hugely impacted by Covid, and needs to make use of digital technologies to get over it.

How to bring the guests back into hotels and restaurants when they want to avoid crowded places?

The Solution: Use a line app for social distancing and smooth flow of guests in and out of your premises. Learn more...



The Challenge: Covid has accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare.

Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic labs now prefer telemedicine and queue systems for initial consultations, in order to avoid crowded waiting rooms of sick patients.

The Solution: VirtuaQ worked with state governments in India as part of the team developing their Covid helplines. Hundreds of doctors used our app to get in touch with the endless stream of patients calling to ask about Covid symptoms and seek medical help for it.

How does a healthcare line app work? Learn more...

Motor Vehicles Dept.


The Challenge: Apart from the actual testing process for a driving license, pretty much everything else can be done online.

See case studies that show how many Department of Motor Vehicles have gone digital for the license application and renewal process.

The Solution: The ideal target for DMVs is to reduce wait time to less than 10 minutes using a line app. Learn more...

By Neel Padmanabhan

January 25th, 2021 ·

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