Queue management system for Government Offices

Reduce government spending. Don’t make people wait for services.

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Smart queue management

Reduce wait times in government offices

Effortless integration

Reduce agency spending

Centralized branch management

Transparency through performance reports

Reduce wait times

VirtuaQ systematically eliminates long queues and wait times through remote queuing. Ensure that each unique visitor to a government office receives fast service across multiple counters, with multi-service queues and seamless transfers.

Reduce agency spending

A queue management system significantly reduces government agency spending on real estate for large waiting spaces, since visitors can get into a digital queue from anywhere, getting tokens from touch kiosks, SMS, voice call, mobile apps and online on .gov websites. Dynamic allocation of staff resources helps provide faster and more efficient service.

Government transparency through reporting

VirtuaQ is your path towards greater government transparency. Generate department-wide reports and statistics, as well as office location-specific data, that tells you which government office or location in your department is performing better, and why.

Accurately measure and manage visitor experience at government offices through heat-maps of waiting times, and queries handled per staff member for specific offices, locations and queues.

Effortless integration with eGov systems

VirtuaQ’s web service API and HTML5 based system integrates safely and securely with existing eGov systems and IT Infrastructure. No new hardware needed. No new tax-payer funding being spent on tenders for hardware and systems upgrades when you get a queuing system. VirtuaQ can run on-premise, on the cloud, or be deployed from a data center.

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