Practice social distancing for a phased recovery post COVID-19. #sgunited

VirtuaQ is a Pre-scoped IT Solution for queue management.

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Why VirtuaQ

virtuaQ - Social distancing

Social distancing

Quick set up

Quick set up

virtuaQ - know your customers

Know your customers

taking singapore digital with VirtuaQ

VirtuaQ is proud to support SG:D - Singapore’s national movement to rally businesses and individuals to move into the digital age.

SMEs now have to implement mandatory TraceTogether for SafeEntry check-ins, as part of the Phase 3 safe distancing measures.

Implementing a QR code based digital queue management system into your entry process will eliminate the danger of long queues and crowds forming outside your premises.

VirtuaQ is a Pre-Scoped IT solution being used by government agencies in Singapore, along with SMEs, polyclinics and PA Community Centres for vaccine centre queues, and the world’s largest banks.

Social distancing with VirtuaQ

Social distancing compliance

VirtuaQ lets customers queue from anywhere. They can get a queue ticket and be informed when they are close to the front all via their mobile phone. Minimize the number of people that would be waiting around, further enhancing social distancing.

Quick Set Up Time - virtuaQ

Quick Setup - Go Live without Disruptions

Our digital queue system does not need a specialist to set up VirtuaQ. We can have you up and running in 48 hours, without disrupting your business in any way. Don’t waste time when it comes to protecting your business and keeping it open.

customer identification with virtuaQ

Customer identification to improve experience

Do you know who your customers are and what they want, before they come to see you? VirtuaQ enables your staff to identify every customer who gets into the line, know what they want, and be ready to provide fast and efficient service.

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