Queue management features

What are the top features you should look for in a queue management system?

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Pooled queues for dynamic queue management

Your customers can be queued simultaneously for a group of services, and they will consume one service at a time in the most efficient manner. Read more...

Customer identification and priority queues

After customer identification or token issue, VirtuaQ can automatically assign people into priority queues based on age or special needs (senior citizens, pregnant, disabled), and also based on existing customers' membership tier (silver, gold, platinum, etc.). Read more...

VIP customer handling and alerts

Alerts can be triggered for RM or Manager when a priority customer requests a ticket or gets a token at a branch. Tellers can then meet the customer and greet them by name, and can be prepared in advance to provide the service requested. Rules can be set if customer is not handled in time, ranging from simple notifications to manager, to auto-rerouting of VIP customers to manager queues for immediate action. Read more...

Database integration, customer segmentation and marketing

VirtuaQ can integrate with any CRM or other database you already have. Based on previous interactions, it can call customer data to help your tellers identify addtional upsell / cross opportunities and for use in conversation. Our system can also integrate with your digital signage player, and show targeted marketing messages for reaching customers with specific service requirements at each branch. Read more...

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