Queue solution for your VIP customers

How to make use of a queue solution to provide fast and efficient service to VIP customers.

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The thing about VIPs is that they happen to be very important to your business. You can't afford to provide them with anything less than a perfect customer experience. One of the things to keep in mind, when it comes to VIP customers, is to not make them wait. Your staff handling VIPs must show extra care in offering fast and efficient service, better than what the other customers get. How to make use of a queue solution to provide fast and efficient service to VIP customers?

personalized customer experience for VIP customersThe issue with VIP handling is that it gets hard when they just show up at your location without notice. If there's a crowd of people waiting ahead, then you've got a problem.If the waiting customer perceives that another person has gone ahead of them out of turn, then it can lead to customer dissatisfaction. But you can't afford to make your VIP wait either.

This challenge can be handled discreetly by a digital queuing solution that generates random queue numbers but provides a scheduled appointment time for each customer. So no one can guess waiting time just by looking a number...that is the advantage. Everyone is waiting to be called by their number, and they won't complain if a VIP gets a preferential time advantage.

2. Set preferential status for VIP customers.

First of all, the customer identification feature of a QMS lets you know in advance when a VIP or priority customer from any branch is on the way and suitable alerts can be given to the branch. You can even set up individual alerts that go to the Relationship Manager who is in charge of a specific customer, whenever that customer requests a queue ticket.

This allows you to set priorities in queuing for VIPs, giving them an advantage or in time or absolute priority, as needed. For example, you could call a VIP customer 30 minutes ahead of normal customers or even set that they are seen on arrival ahead of all. Also, if a VIP customer is late, you can push back their appointment by 10-20 minutes as needed.

3. Gold and platinum advantages for VIP customers.

Apart from time, you can also provide group benefits to priority customers. This can mean access to a special queue that is reserved only for say Gold or Privileged members. It can also mean personalized responses for their queries, and pre-meeting notifications that inform RMs what they need to have ready in terms of documents and paperwork.

4. Service level agreement and breach alerts for VIPs.

queue solution for VIP customers

Another major benefit you can provide to VIP customers is SLA breach alerts. These are service level agreements that you set as the internal threshold or norms for service.

If, say, you agree to provide a meeting with an investment manager within 5 minutes of arrival at the branch, then an SLA breach alert is automatically raised and sent to the RM if the wait time exceeds this 5 minutes. This is meant to ensure the customer stays happy, and to help analyze and understand the performance of each branch.

This is the kind of service that VIPs demand, and should get from your branch. It is very easy to provide quality service if you have a queue solution implemented to identify and assist VIP customers.

By Neel Padmanabhan

October 23rd, 2019 ·

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