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Top 10 COVID-19 safety tips for individuals

01. Wash your hands regularly. Use 60 to 95% alcohol-based hand sanitizers (ABHS) to keep your hands clean.

02. Don’t shake hands with anyone.

03. Keep a distance of at least 3 feet from others, and preferably up to 6 feet if you are in a hospital with other patients.

04. Healthy people don’t have to wear masks.

05. You only need to wear a mask if you have any respiratory symptoms (cough, sneezing, etc.), or if you are taking care of someone who has these symptoms.

06. Before putting on the mask, wash your hands using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap water.

07. The mask must cover both your mouth and nose, and no space is left open between your face and the mask.

08. Once it gets wet, remove the mask from the back, without touching the front part. Dispose it safely as hazardous medical waste, and wash your hands with soap water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before putting on a new mask.

09. Stay at home or work from home if you are not feeling well. Wipe or wash objects at home and in the office that are touched or used frequently.

10. If you have to visit a doctor’s office, make use of their queue system to schedule an appointment. If possible, speak with the doctor on the phone and get an online consult using video conferencing, telemedicine, Whatsapp / Facetime or Google Meet. Go to the clinic only if required, and make sure you don’t have to wait there unnecessarily.

Lastly, If your doctor or hospital doesn't have a digital queue management system, then please suggest to them that they should sign up for VirtuaQ and use it until the COVID-19 threat is over.

COVID-19 resources

1. CDC Hospital Preparedness Assessment Tool

2. AMA COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus) resource center for physicians

3. WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports

4. Dr. John Campbell’s youtube channel

5. COVID-19 best practices for doctors and hospital administrators

6. Patient queue management system

7. COVID-19 home page

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