Don’t manage crowds in the time of COVID-19.

Consult virtually or in person.

Let VirtuaQ take care of it.
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How VirtuaQ is helping the medical community contain COVID-19:

  • No crowds
    No crowded waiting rooms. Neither patients nor hospital staff have to be in or around crowds.

  • Remote queuing
    Patients get into a digital line, and consult with doctors virtually using tools like WhatsApp or FaceTime, or attend in person at the clinic just in time

  • Customer ID / tracking
    Identify and track customers from appointment to tests, treatment and billing.

Digital queue management system for health checkups

online appointment

Make an appointment online

Select preferred clinic

Select preferred clinic

select date and time

Select preferred date and time

get sms and confirm

Get SMS and email confirmation

reminders and updates

Reminders / status updates

pooled queues

Pooled queues for faster health checks

Protect your clinic and patients from COVID-19

“The only thing I can compare this with, really, is the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in the early 80s.” - Dr. John Campbell, author and medical teacher.

COVID-19 has started spreading all over the world, and you must be wondering - is it coming to your community? The World Health Organization has already labelled this a pandemic.

Waiting rooms all over the world are filling up with sick patients, which helps the spread of the disease even more. Governments are urging “social distancing” and encouraging businesses to work from home. VirtuaQ wants to give you something that can help you to fight this disease.

One way that we can help, joining this effort with doctors and medical staff, is by offering our digital clinic queue system during this pandemic to small clinic owners, as preparation for Covid-19. If you don't have a digital queue management system, then sign up for VirtuaQ and use it until the COVID-19 threat is over.

Listed below are best practices for doctors, clinics and hospitals to be prepared for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 Patients Under Investigation (PUI), along with top 10 COVID-19 safety tips for individuals.

COVID-19 best practices

Covid-19 best practices for Healthcare Facilities

If you need to prepare your facility, we have compiled a list of Covid-19 best practices for doctors and hospital administrators. Follow these steps for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19 cases. Read more...

Top 10 COVID-19 safety tips

Top 10 COVID-19 safety tips for individuals

01. Wash your hands regularly. Use 60 to 95% alcohol-based hand sanitizers (ABHS) to keep your hands clean.

02. Don’t shake hands with anyone.

03. Keep a distance of at least 3 feet from others, and preferably up to 6 feet if you are in a hospital with other patients, Read more...

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