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Sign up above if you’re interested in setting up a patient queue management system that can be used for initial online screening of your patients. Identify patients, talk to them, and do an online telemedicine screening.

Patients can use the queue system to schedule the first call. Doctor takes a look, and then decides if the patient has to come to your clinic or hospital for a checkup and further tests.

How to setup a patient queue management system

We’re offering doctors and clinics access to our queue system for the duration of the pandemic period, as our way of helping the medical community grappling to contain Coronavirus disease (2019 Novel Coronavirus, popularly known as COVID-19)

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President Trump has relaxed HIPAA telehealth norms for video chats to make remote consults easier for doctors and patients. So if you want to set up a telehealth or telemedicine system for your clinic or hospital, we can basically do it at NO COST at the moment - as a public service during this health crisis. Note that Whatsapp and Facetime can also be used as telemedicine tools, as long as it is legally permitted in your area of jurisdiction by the regulating authority.

Importance of social distancing as an answer to COVID-19

There is no treatment available for COVID-19 at the moment. The only suggested course of action is prevention, diagnosis, and management of symptoms - to provide relief to those infected and isolate them from the general population.

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The answer is social distancing. This means maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet from others - practically impossible if you’re at work, or traveling in public transportation, or walking on the roads.

For doctors and medical personnel, this is virtually impossible if you have patients crowding in your clinic. To keep yourself safe while providing medical care, make use of telemedicine to avoid all unnecessary contact with patients.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that you should:

a. Use the telephone to let patients know when they should come to see you, and who they should go to for information; and

b. Adopt self-assessment and telemedicine tools.

VirtuaQ, our smart queue management system, will help you do both. Allow your patients to queue from anywhere, using any device. They can use their smartphone to get into a digital queue, providing their name, contact details, and brief qualifying information (such as whether they have any respiratory symptoms) and get phone SMS messages that provide updates on the status of their appointment.

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You call separate patients with respiratory issues, and give them priority in the queue. Call them back at the scheduled time, speak with them and/or do a video call - all of which can be initiated directly from within your VirtuaQ dashboard.

After the initial screening, you can either simply prescribe treatment or ask the patient to come and see you for tests and physical examinations.

Instead of labeling everyone with a cough or cold as a COVID-19 PUI (patient under investigation), make use of our queue system to do all the initial screening online. Only suspected cases come in to see you, and you can be fully prepared at a scheduled time to deal with a PUI.

COVID-19 resources

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3. WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports

4. Dr. John Campbell’s youtube channel

5. Top 10 covid19 safety tips for individuals

6. COVID-19 best practices for doctors and hospital administrators

7. COVID-19 home page

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