Queue managers

What is a queue manager, and the types of queue managers explained. Comparison of queue manager vs. digital queuing.

Queue managers - Overview and types of Queue manager vs. digital queuing

Queue managers are typically made up of an arrangement of two or more roped off metal posts that are used for queue management and crowd control.

single belt queue managers

Using queue managers forces event attendees and business customers to get into the queue and move forward in an orderly manner.

Use of queue managers will also allow the business or event to ensure social distancing in queues, by asking people to stand 3-6 feet apart in the queue. It is commonly used in airports, government offices, theatres, malls, convention centers, exhibition halls, and other event venues that expect to get large crowds of people.

Types of queue managers

There are several different types of queue managers, also known as stanchions or barricade stands. The most common type of queue manager arrangement is made up of two steel posts with the following options:

  1. Single belt.

  2. Retractable single belt.

  3. Double belt.

  4. Single rope.

  5. Double rope.

  6. Single chain.

  7. Double chain.

single belt
double belt
single rope

Queue manager vs. digital queuing

Using physical posts and ropes or chains as a queue manager is better than a crowd pushing and shoving, trying to gain entry into your business premises or event space. But digital queuing offers more benefits and a better customer experience.


Queue manager

Digital queuing

Support arrival just in time



Waiting time

Depends on queue length

No waiting

Social distancing

Long queues

No queues

Customer identification

Contact risk

People in queue may touch queue manager

No risk – fully contactless

Staff required

Staff needed to ensure that safe distancing norms are followed

No staff required

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