What customers do in long shopping queues

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Dance before drinking and partying

1. Dance before drinking and partying.

When liquor shops started opening across India after a 40-day lockdown, there was a mad rush for the wine shops across the country. Videos and pictures of huge queues stretching kilometres and police struggling with crowds were commonplace.

Some of the more addicted consumers couldn’t control their joy, and started shaking and quivering, and there was dancing on the streets and in the queues, at the very thought of being able to get their hands on their favorite drink.

Note to liquor shops - get a virtual queue management system, and avoid total chaos outside your shop, with a large bunch of liquor drinkers showing up to dance before they get to drink and party. Help maintain safe distancing in the city before people buy your liquor, while ensuring customers are not forced to stand in long queues.

2. Create videos for social media in shopping queues.

When you have Tiktokers standing in a queue outside your store entrance, you know what’s going to happen. They’re going to start creating TikTok videos outside, in between other people in the queue. Is this the kind of publicity your store needs?

Create videos for social media

3. Riot because of long shopping queues.

What happens when impatient shoppers can’t stay quiet in long queues? Templers flare, the crowd starts surging forward, and your store assistants and managers cannot keep them out anymore. That’s when an unruly mob of shoppers that wants to break in to get what they want. Covid-19 fears have caused panic buying, with shoppers fighting over things such as toilet paper and water.

In the interest of public safety, get a queue management system that allows your customers to enter in turn, so that they “maintain” a safe distance from each other, and nobody gets hurt while shopping for TP.

4. Large crowds camping overnight outside your store.

Long lines snaking outside an Apple Store for a new iPhone launch is a well-known phenomenon. Apple fanatics will camp overnight outside stores on the night before the launch, to get the chance to buy it as soon as the store opens in the morning. This huge crowd camped overnight outside the Apple Store on Orchard Road in Singapore shows how it gets out of hand. In the interest of social distancing and public safety, this kind of crowd and violation of safe distancing regulations must be avoided. No business wants their corporate brand associated with the spread of Covid-19.

Long queues of customers and crowds trying to break in the door to buy your products is a sign of a healthy business. But you can avoid crowds and queues while letting your customers in.

Improve the customer experience by implementing a virtual queue management system that allows people to queue by scanning a QR code outside the shop. When it’s almost their turn, they’ll get a status update, and then show up at the entrance.

By Neel Padmanabhan

August 20th, 2020 ·

Avoid crowds. Let your customers in. Enter your name and number to ask about a queue system for your business.

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