Six most effective customer feedback methods

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Customer feedback methodsThe reason why retail customers still prefer the in-store experience is that we crave the human touch. Simple things like a shopkeeper greeting them by name, and asking them “What can I do for you?” or “Are you happy with this?” or “Can I get you something else?”
That’s the difference between a physical store and digital business. Talking to customers on a website, social, email, mobile apps and other digital channels is fine. But are you listening enough to them?
Listed below are six highly effective customer feedback methods that you can implement in order to listen to your customers on your website, email, social media and over the phone.

1. NPS surveys and push notifications.

nps notifications

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is an index based on customer feedback that will tell you how happy your customers are, and what they think about your brand. It’s a scientific way to predict business and revenue growth. Higher NPS results in higher sales and revenue.
NPS measurement can be implemented using surveys and push notifications asking your customers to take a quick survey. In fact, SurveyMonkey has a ready Net Promoter Score® template that you can use to get started right away. Oh, and we (VirtuaQ) also provide our clients with NPS services as a customer feedback method after the initial customer engagement using our tool has been successful.

2. Smiley customer feedback buttons.

smily feedback buttons

Add a web smiley panel on the “Thank you” web page after some customer activity or engagement has been completed, or online order has been placed successfully. Capture feedback in real-time from real customers, and find out how customers rate your digital customer experience. It works well because it is so easy for customers to give feedback with a single click or tap on the screen.
The screenshot on the left shows this kind smiley panel, along with an optional comment box, that is shown to customers of Federal Bank after a chat session with the bank’s virtual assistant.
It can also be implemented offline, using the HappyorNot wireless Smiley touch button screens and terminals, and integrated with online customer feedback.

3. Request a review upon order confirmation.

request review

You can get people to provide testimonials and reviews after they become your customers. You may already be doing it manually or with a Tablet - asking customers if they are willing to write a review for you.
But you can get a lot more reviews if you set up an automated system that will collect reviews. Businesses that integrate and automate a review request system with other existing customer engagement or eCommerce software will see up to 200% increase in the number of reviews collected. Providers such as Advocately and ReviewBuzz will help you connect with your happiest customers and turn them into your brand ambassadors.

4. Website exit intent popups.

website exit inten popups

The three customer feedback methods described above are for people who have already purchased from you, and you can find out how happy they are and what they think about the customer experience. But what about those who abandoned the process after starting?
You can increase revenue by up to 15% simply by reaching out to and retargeting all the people who have abandoned partial form fills. Hit them with exit-intent popups or an offer to speak with a live chatbot or human customer service representative after they have finished browsing, but before they try to leave. Try Poptin or Privy to set up free exit-intent popups.

5. Regular phone calls.

Regular phone calls

Want to find out what your customers think about you? Are they happy? Do they want anything else? Will they come back to your shop? Will they refer you to their friends and family? Just pick up the phone. Talk to them.
Add a schedule for calls to existing customers into your CRM, or at least cook up a spreadsheet for this. If you want it done professionally, a dialer and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can automate a lot of the grunt work in terms of calling people up and collecting responses. Try Exotel’s automated survey and feedback system that works via calls and SMS.

6. Use social media monitoring tools.

If you want to meet and talk with customers where they are, then you’re likely to be spending a lot of time on social media. But apart from getting website traffic, generating leads and building brand awareness, you can also use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as customer feedback channels.

Start using social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer that will provide instant notification of keywords and mentions that are relevant to your business.

By Neel Padmanabhan

March 4th, 2020 ·

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