Top 10 social distancing software and return to work solutions

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The post-Covid era is upon us. The 2nd half of 2022 will probably see life returning back to normal, and offices filling up again with staff and visitors streaming in and out all day long. Building management and business premises must not let down their guard.


Things the building or business must do now include:

  1. Identify every person being allowed in;

  2. Check for vaccination status before they are allowed in; and

  3. Know how many people are in already, so you can delay entry for those waiting to get in if you have reached the maximum capacity as per social distancing compliance requirements.

Governments around the world have been at the forefront of this. For example. Singapore has made use of TraceTogether tokens and SafeEntry, while the Government of India has got citizens to make use of the Aarogya Setu app

Listed here are the top 10 social distancing software and return to office solutions to make sure that you continue to be compliant with these and other social distancing norms.

1. Visitor management systems.

Even before Covid, queue managers (physical separation of people waiting for entry) and visitor management systems (software for allocating SMS or paper tokens with scheduled entry time slots) were a good way to manage crowding in office or branch locations and places with high footfall. Learn more…


But after Covid, it has now become an essential component of the required IT systems for buildings that have lots of people flowing in and out. The basic idea is separation of visitors into time slots, instead of in the limited physical waiting space. It’s quick to implement, and ensures compliance with Covid social distancing regulations.

2. Contact tracing smartphone apps and tokens.

Whether through physical tokens to be carried by everyone, or through a GPS-enabled smartphone app, this is by far the best way to do contact tracing. Identifying and quarantining every person who visited a cluster location on the date and time in question when an infected person was also there helps end the outbreak before it spreads out of control.

The Singapore Government has done this very capably with their TraceTogether tokens and app, combined with the SafeEntry app that businesses are told to use for tracking entry into the business. It ensures that every one who enters is identified, and only allowed to enter if they are fully vaccinated.

Similarly, the Government of India has got citizens to make use of the Aarogya Setu app to keep track of the location of Covid patients, and check vaccination status.


Private as well as government organizations can make use of contact tracing software such as the Axonator contact tracing app.

3. Open source AI-based social distancing software.

This is open source AI-based social distancing software created by Amazon, and made available to everyone (individuals as well as businesses large and small) at no cost. You can get Distance Assistant up and running with just a computer and camera. Download the Github package to get started.

The standalone Distance Assistant unit (comprised of a monitor, camera, and a local computing device) uses machine learning models to differentiate people from their surroundings.

4. Indoor mapping software for return to work space planning.

Make return to work predictable, safer, and reliable for your employees using indoor mapping software from SpaceIQ. Their portfolio of return to work products helps you manage everything from employee experience to space management and future planning.

5. Use Python to monitor social distancing in a public area.

This Python code makes use of Deep Learning and computer vision to monitor social distancing. Download it on GitHub.


This is a detailed step by step guide on how deep learning and computer vision are used to monitor social distancing.

6. AI-based social distancing control system.

X-DISTANCE by Neuratum is an Artificial Intelligence based software for social distancing control.

Email, SMS or Whatsapp alerts can be set up to notify the business or concerned person about the crowd or a violation of social distancing protocol at the location being monitored.

7. IIT PAVIS interpersonal distance estimation system.

Open code for estimating interpersonal distance from uncalibrated RGB cameras.


The software can be freely used for any non-commercial applications to assess compliance with safe distances. Download it here.

8. Safe Spacer wearable social distance monitor.

Safe Spacer™ is a wearable device for workplaces and business premises that enables workers and visitors to maintain safe social distancing.


It alerts wearers when other units come within 2 meters (6 feet) with light, vibration and sound.

9. Social Distancing planning software for floor plans.

NFS Technology’s online design service makes use of AutoCAD integration to combine your floor plans and your social distance policies to work out what desks need to be removed from the availability pool.


A neat feature is their platform’s integration with digital signage to show, in real-time, how your social distancing policy is being applied, and how to find the shortest route to a location in the premises while maintaining social distancing.

10. Return-to-office planning toolkit.


Wisp by Gensler is a complete Return-to-office toolkit, that will help you design and implement a social distancing plan, contact tracing, desk reservations and check-ins, manage occupancy and maintain seating plans as density increases, adapt to the new normal and plan your office of the future.

Make use of ReRun to optimize physical distancing, plan and assign seating scenarios, and enhance wayfinding with digital icons.

By Neel Padmanabhan

February 17th, 2022 ·

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