DMV appointments system for managing safe distancing

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DMV Queue management system

The average wait time for people waiting for services at the Department of Motor Vehicles office in the United States is 44 minutes. How long does a visitor at your office location have to wait? Did you know you can actually reduce wait times to ZERO?

Go digital with a DMV appointments system that enables online license applications and allows driving license and renewal applicants to get into virtual queues. They can come just in time for their scheduled appointment, and your DMV office won’t have the large crowds of people waiting in line or sitting around.

Let’s maintain safe distancing. Stop the spread of Coronavirus, and make government work better for the people you serve.

How VirtuaQ makes it easier


Easy installation and integration.


Act on real-time alerts.


Monitor staff and branch performance.

deployment options

Stand-alone, cloud-based and data-centre deployment options.

Instant response

24/7 support - Instant response.

demo first

No cost of hardware. Try the demo first.

10 reasons why VirtuaQ is a better queue management system.


Omnichannel - queue from anywhere, on any device, on the digital channel preferred by your customers.

Pooled queues

Pooled queues - allow customers to queue simultaneously for multiple services.


Priority tokens - Get VIP customers in and out quickly.


Whatsapp messaging - QMS sends messages directly to customers on Whatsapp.


Status updates - Customers get status updates on their scheduled appointment.


Open APIs - Easy integration with all your existing systems.


Powerful reports - Real-time data on staff and branch service levels.


Industry solutions - Dedicated solutions for banks, hospitals, government, etc.


Pay as you go - Per token micro-payments that can be included in customer bills.


SLA alerts - Set service levels and get real-time SLA breach alerts.

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