Digital queue system for vaccination programs

VirtuaQ is a digital queue system that can be effectively implemented for vaccination programs hosted by corporate entities, hospitals and government agencies.

covid vaccine queue system

Benefits of a digital queue system for vaccine drives

  • No crowds
    No crowded waiting rooms. Neither patients nor hospital staff have to be in or around crowds. Serve more people faster while maintaining social distancing.

  • Remote queuing
    Remove the hassles of getting a vaccine. Easy process for participants to get into a digital line, and arrive at the vaccine centre just in time for their turn.

  • Patient ID / tracking
    Identify and track participants from appointment to arrival at the vaccine centre, and time it takes for them to get their dose.No double registration required. Manage everything in just a few clicks.

A vaccination program will typically issue a token or scheduled appointment details - confirming the date, location, and a time period during which the person has to be there to get their vaccine dose. Vaccine centres also have to manage walk-ins along with those who have a scheduled appointment.

When people arrive for their dose, there is a waiting period with walk-ins, and others who have been called at the same time slot to get their vaccine. Considering the critical need to avoid queues, and close contact between crowds of people milling around in a confined space in a vaccine centre or Covid-19 testing area, we recommend a digital queue system that is far more precise.

VirtuaQ is a digital queue system that is being effectively implemented by vaccination programs, and already used by corporate entities, hospitals and government agencies.

Enable your employees to register online or on-location, get a digital token ( SMS / WhatsApp ), and regular updates about their progress in the queue. This virtual waiting line allows them to arrive just in time or a few minutes before their token number is about to be called to get the vaccine or swab test.

You’re doing a good thing here, providing people vaccination against a deadly pandemic that has upended all our lives. Implementing VirtuaQ will provide them a safe experience - avoid close contact and a crowd of people milling around. No one has to undergo more hassles than is required because of Covid-19. Let’s make it as safe, fast and easy as we can.


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