Restaurant queue management system

Don’t drive waiting customers away. Let VirtuaQ’s virtual waiting room take care of queues and seating.

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memorable dining experience during the time of COVID19

Worried about safe distancing compliance at your hotel or restaurant? No reason why your guests can't enjoy a memorable stay and good food with great service. Use a digital queue management system.

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Safe distancing tips for restaurants

safe distancing as the the only solution at the moment

VirtuaQ for Restaurants

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At the moment, vaccines and safe distancing are the only solutions for containing Coronavirus disease (2019 Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19).

What you can do as a restaurant to maintain safe distancing:

1. Get a queue management system.

2. Because of safe distancing requirements, in-seat dining customers must be at separate tables, at a safe distance (at least one metre apart).

3. Take-aways and online food delivery pickups should be pre-ordered and ready at F&B kiosks before people arrive to pick them up.

4. Set up eCommerce payment and ordering to reduce waiting time and transactions on-site.

How to improve customer experience in hotels and restaurants

Having too many customers waiting for service is a problem for the hospitality industry at any time, and it’s not just because of Coronavirus. Crowded hotels and restaurants with long wait times and customers waiting to be seated don’t get great reviews from customers, even if your guest rooms, food, ambience and service are all rated highly.

To improve customer experience, you need to have a smooth flow of customers in and out, with little or no waiting time for everyone.

improve customer experience in restaurants

The key to a quality travel experience is digital queue management. Allow people to queue from anywhere, using any device.

Your customers can get in line using their smartphones, providing their name, phone number, email, number of people in their group, and other preferences.

You can confirm reservations and book rooms and tables by calling back or sending a message.

Customers arrive in time, and don’t have to wait in line for check-ins or being seated at a table.

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