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queue management system

What is a queue management system?

A queue management system is used to streamline customer flow through businesses such as banks, hospitals and government offices that get large crowds of people during working hours. Instead of making them all crowd around counters for service, the queue system will issue paper or SMS tickets to each person who joins the queue. Read more...

Used By

Reduce waiting time

Reduce waiting time

Personalised customer experience

Personalised customer experience

Act on Real-time data

Act on real-time data

Queuing solution - Know your customer

Reduce waiting time

Business on-the-go experience for customers with appointment scheduling and SMS tokens. Allow your customers to queue from anywhere, on any device. Increase revenue and get significant savings in real estate costs. Help your managers dynamically create new service desks to tackle queues as they form. Read more...

Queuing system - Improve CX

Improve customer experience

Your customers Feel at Home with personalised service at every branch. VirtuaQ enables your personnel to greet your customer by name and quickly serve them. No stress of real and perceived waits. Identify VIP customers and delight them. Read more...

Queue system - Service intelligence

Act on real-time data

Real Time Data dashboard to monitor branch performance, and respond to service delays. Deep dive into customizable reports and insights to know which branch, service and team members are driving your operations efficiency and revenue. Increase revenue with upsell / cross-sell. Read more...

Cloud-based queue management system


VirtuaQ is a hardware-agnostic digital queue management system. Works on the cloud, on-premise, or from a data center. Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. No exclusive hardware needed. Read more...

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